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Rechargeable LTO Battery 6538 50mAh 2.4V

Superior LTO (Lithium Titanate) Battery 6538  gives your products up to 10C(500mAh) Higher Power in a tightly slim shape( (Φ6.5*L38mm), with more than 4000cycles longer life and is more safer, stable. It is the preferred battery supply for electronic pens and some cylindrical & slim enclosure.

A good battery supply is critical to the design of the product. Lithium titanate battery LTO6538 can greatly enhance the advantages of your product, making it higher power, more safe and service longer. But we will provide competitive offers and flexible service to help you win the project.

From design, produce to test, shipment of lithium titanate battery by LTO BATTERY CO., LTD are following as the international high standards. Rich stocks & High quality of LTO Battery 6538 samples are ready for your prototype test within 3days lead time. More information of LTO Battery 6538 about the detail specification, quotations or custom need, please contact us to get it soon.

There have more similar ultral-slim lithium titanate battery for your enclosure: LTO Battery 0407 1.8mAh.  LTO Battery 0812 10mAh 2.4V with 5C fast charge rate,  LTO Battery 4610 5mAh with 5C high rate.  Custom dimensions & capacity are available based on your design but need more effort, please contact us to evaluation.


Lithium Titanate Battery LTO 6538 Specifications

Battery Model
Voltage @ Capacity
2.4V @ 50mAh
Dimensions (Diameter x Length)
Φ6.5 x L38(mm)

Max. Operating Voltage Range

1.6V to 2.8V

Standard Charge Current (Amp)

1.8mA (1C)
Fast Charge Current (Amp)
200mA (5C)
Standard Discharge Current (Amp)
1.8mA (1C)

Maximum Discharge Current (Amp)

400mA (10C)
Charge Temperature Range
0°C to +40°C
Discharge Temperature Range
0°C to +75°C
Weight (g)