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We Manufacture More Safer Explosion-proof Design and 3C High Rate NMC Lithium Battery (also named lithium-mananese-cobalt-oxide, LiNiMnCo, NCMCells For High Power Electronics. MSDS, UN38.3, IEC, CE, ROHS certificated quality. Get Quotes + Specifications to Evaluations Now!

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Why Choose Our NMC Lithium Battery ?

NMC (lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide) battery have these advantages:


  • Our NMC battery of exclusive explosion-proof design enable your electronic designs more safer, stable
  • Longer battery life of charging/discharging, more than 800cycles
  • 1C fast charge and 3C high discharge meet the pulse power needs for the appliances of e-cigarette, household, electric clippers, toy racing car
  • Wider woking temperature from -20℃ t0 70℃
  • MSDS, UN38.3, IEC62133, ROHS, CE, IOS compliant high international standard NMC battery cells, no leakage, no heavy metal
  • Our NMC battery is easier to solder because of two poles lead from same direction
  • We can free assemble the PCB, Wires, Connectors of NMC battery based on customer’s requirements

NMC Lithium Battery Cells For Sale

NMC Lithium Battery NMC18650 2000mAh 3.7V

Dimensions(D*L): 18*65 (mm)
Fast Charge: 1C/2000mA
High Discharge: 3C/6000mA

NMC Lithium Battery NMC1450 700mAh 3.7V

Dimensions(D*L): 14*50 (mm)
Fast Charge: 1C/700mA
High Discharge: 3C/2100mA

NMC Lithium Battery NMC1850 1500mAh 3.7V

Dimensions(D*L): 18*50 (mm)
Fast Charge: 1C/1500mA
High Discharge: 3C/4500mA

NMC Lithium Battery NMC1650 1000mAh 3.7V

Dimensions(D*L): 16*50 (mm)
Fast Charge: 1C/1000mA
High Discharge: 3C/3000mA

NMC Lithium Battery NMC1629 500mAh 3.7V

Dimensions(D*L): 16*29 (mm)
Fast Charge: 1C/500mA
High Discharge: 3C/1500mA

NMC Lithium Battery NMC1443 600mAh 3.7V

Dimensions(D*L): 14*43 (mm)
Fast Charge: 1C/600mA
High Discharge: 3C/1800mA

NMC Lithium Battery NMC1365 900mAh 3.7V

Dimensions(D*L): 13*65 (mm)
Fast Charge: 1C/900mA
High Discharge: 3C/2700mA

NMC Lithium Battery NMC1340 500mAh 3.7V

Dimensions(D*L): 13*40 (mm)
Fast Charge: 1C/500mA
High Discharge: 3C/1500mA

Small NMC Lithium Battery NMC0809 22mAh 3.7V

Dimensions(D*L): 8*9 (mm)
Fast Charge: 1C/22mA
High Discharge: 3C/60mA

Small NMC Lithium Battery NMC4623 25mAh 3.7V

Dimensions(D*L): 4.6*23 (mm)
Fast Charge: 1C/25mA
High Discharge: 3C/75mA

NMC Lithium Battery NMC1010 40mAh 3.7V

Dimensions(D*L): 10*10 (mm)
Fast Charge: 1C/40mA
High Discharge: 3C/120mA

NMC Lithium Battery NMC1040 280mAh 3.7V

Dimensions(D*L): 10*40 (mm)
Fast Charge: 1C/280mA
High Discharge: 3C/800mA

The Excellent Safety of NMC Battery

Exclusive explosion-proof battery structure

our NMC Battery cells are enhanced safety by exclusive explosion-proof design we designed, significantly improving heat dissipation, thermal stability and vibration resistance, therefore removes the risk of explosion and fire in case of any accident.

Battery top: Sealed temperature explosion-proof
We adopt the rubber particles of the same material as aircraft tires for Sealing at the battery top. If battery has short-circuited internally and the temperature reaches 280 degrees, the sealed black rubber plug will automatically carbonize and the gas will be exhausted out from the top.

Battery bottom: mechanical and physical explosion-proof
If gas expansion occurs inside the battery, the gas will exhausted out from the cross-shaped explosion-proof type at the bottom.

The Safety Testing of NMC  Battery

Our NMC Battery Cells undergo the rigorous safety tests in the laboratory for highly quality, which shows absolutely safe, stable and NO FIRE, NO EXPLOSION. You won’t find a safer battery than our NMC Battery Cells.

Test Type

Short Circuit Test
Test Method
Under the condition of about 20±2°C at room temperature, the positive and negative electrodes of NMC battery (100% Fully Charged) to are connected in turn with a Cu wire for short-circuit, and the total line resistance does not exceed 0.05Ω.
Test Result

No explosion and No fire. The temperature of the surface of  NMC battery are not more than 150°C.


Test Type

Crush Test
Test Method
Fully Charged NMC battery are placed between two flat metal plates with applying 13KN (1.72Mpa) force, and continue for 30 minutes.
Test Result

The NMC battery are No explosion and No fire.


Test Type

 Puncture Test
Test Method
Puncture the fully charged NMC battery with a new nail
Test Result

The NMC battery are no explosion and no fire.




Test Type

 Waterproof Test
Test Method
Place theNMC battery on the water with normal temperature for 30mintes.
Test Result

The NMC battery can work well and no explosion and no fire.



The Safety Certifications of NMC Battery Cells

We have over 10 years’ Innovation, Dedication & Concentration in the research & manufacture of lithium ion battery, and own ISO9001/14001-compliant factory in China. Creating the safest lithium ion battery for electronic designs drives us to manufacture industry-leading rechargeable lithium ion battery for electronic designs, that approved by ROHS, MSDS, UN38.3, CE, IEC, 1.2m Drop Test certifications.

Its extraordinary safety and innovative performances will help you build up a competitive advantages in the field of product developments.

The Characteristic Graph of NMC Battery

Discharge Curve :

Temperature Curve :

Life Cycles Curve :

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