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Lithium Titanate Battery (LTO) Packs 48V 30Ah with BMS, Balancer

LTO Packs 48v 30Ah are designed for golf carts, solar systems, and sightseeing cars, which with 150A high discharge current & >10years longer  battery life & -40°C lower work temperature. More Specifications & Quotation & Technical consultation can be get in one business day, ask now!

Superior Lithium Titanate Battery (LTO) Technology:
1) Longer Battery Life>10years, more environmentally friendly & cost-effective. It greatly reduces the frequency of replacement, as other carbon-based lithium battery only can service 2years.
2) Higher charge / discharge efficiency: lithium titanate pack 48V 30Ah can release high continuous discharge up to 80Ah safely, and Pulse current can up to 150+ Ah. BMS, Balancer, Short circuit cut-offs, over discharge/charge detection are assemble for protect the LTO Packs.
3) -40°C lower temperature tolerance: lithium titanate battery can work even in -40°C temp. This will be a perfect energy for energy-storage applications in extremely cold regions, such as Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and other rainy regions.

Professional Lithium Titanate Battery Manufacturer, More Stable and Reliable:
We have independent production lines, assemble line and technical support for lithium titanate battery. All LTO cells used to compose multiple LTO packs in series/parallel are A grade high quality and undergo strict safety test. LTOBattery Co., Ltd are keen to be a good partner for your project.

Semi-Custom Service for Lithium Titanate Battery LTO Packs:
We will provide different semi-customized proposal based on your specify application and operating work current, such as customize lto packs with different voltage12V, 36V, 38V, 72V or assemble BMS, Balancer, low-voltage cut-offs, over discharge/charge detection, communications protocol, that all are available but need more effort, time and related cost.


Lithium Titanate Battery LTO Packs 48V 30Ah Details

Battery Model
LTO Packs 48V30Ah
Voltage @ Capacity
48V @ 30Ah
Communications protocol
Based on need
Dimensions (mm) 

Max. Operating Voltage Range

32V to 56V

Fast Charge Current

Max. Protective Charge Current 
Max. Continuous Discharge Current 

Peak Discharge Current

150+ A
Charge Temperature Range
-40°C to +50°C
Discharge Temperature Range
-45°C to +75°C
Weight (g)