2mAh-10Ah LTO Cells From Trusted Manufacturer LTO®

We manufacture superb lto battery cells for consumer electronics and ESS engineering. Exclusive explosion-proof design, IEC/UN/MSDS/IOS/CE approved, over 10000cycles longer lifespan, wider running temperature. Select fit lto cells to evalute now!

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LTO Cell 18650 1300mAh 2.4V 3.12Wh Dimensions(D*L): 18 x 65(mm)
Fast Charge: 3.9A (3C)
High Discharge: 13A (10C)
Application: Medical care prototypes

LTO Cell 1450 500mAh 2.4V 1.2Wh

Dimensions(D*L): 14*50 (mm)
Fast Charge: 1A (2C)
High Discharge: 5A (10C)
Application: Emergency bar lights

LTO Cell 1650 700mAh 2.4V 1.68Wh

Dimensions(D*L): 16*50 (mm)
Fast Charge: 1.4A (2C)
High Discharge: 7A (10C)
Application: Personal care devices

LTO Cell 1850 900mAh 2.4V 2.4Wh

Dimensions(D*L): 18*50 (mm)
Fast Charge: 2A (2C)
High Discharge: 10A (10C)
Application: Medical devices

LTO Cell 0812 10mAh 2.4V 0.024Wh

Dimensions(D*L): 8*12 (mm)
Fast Charge: 50mA (5C)
Continuous Discharge: 100mA (20C)
Application: IOT Products

LTO Cell 4610 5mAh 2.4V 0.012Wh

Dimensions(D*L): 4.6*10 (mm)
Fast Charge: 50mA (10C)
Continuous Discharge: 50mA (10C)
Application: Steak thermometer

LTO Cell 0525 12mAh 2.4V 0.028Wh
Dimensions(D*L): 5*25 (mm)
Fast Charge: 50mA (5C)
Continuous Discharge: 100mA (10C)
Application: IOT Products

LTO Cell 0407 1.8mAh 2.4V 

Dimensions(D*L): 4*7 (mm)
Fast Charge: 10mA (5C)
Continuous Discharge: 18mA (10C)
Application: Smallest lto cell

LTO Cell 6538 50mAh 2.4V 0.12Wh

Dimensions(D*L): 6.5*38 (mm)
Fast Charge: 200mA (4C)
High Discharge: 500mA (10C)
Application: Electronic pen

LTO Cell 1030 80mAh 2.4V 0.144Wh

Dimensions(D*L): 10*30 (mm)
Fast Charge: 240mA (3C)
High Discharge: 1000mA (10C)
Application: Solar bulb light

LTO Cell 1330 220mAh 2.4V 0.528Wh

Dimensions(D*L): 13*30 (mm)
Fast Charge: 660mA (3C)
High Discharge: 2200mA (10C)
Application: Toy Racing

LTO Cell 1340 260mAh 2.4V 0.624Wh

Dimensions(D*L): 13*40 (mm)
Fast Charge: 780mA (3C)
High Discharge: 2600mA (10C)
Application: Adult Products

LTO Cell 2265 2000mAh 2.4V 4.8Wh

Dimensions(D*L): 22*65 (mm)
Fast Charge: 4A (2C)
High Power: 10A (5C)
Application: Energy Storage UPS

LTO Cell 2665 3000mAh 2.4V 7.2Wh

Dimensions(D*L): 26*65 (mm)
Fast Charge: 6A (2C)
High Power: 15A (5C)
Application: Energy Storage UPS

LTO Cell 3570 3.5Ah 2.4V 8.4Wh 

Dimensions(D*L): 35*70 (mm)
Fast Charge: 7A(2C)
High Power: 17A (5C)
Application: Solar System

LTO Cell 40120 10Ah 2.4V 24Wh

Dimensions(D*L): 40*120 (mm)
Fast Charge: 10A (1C)
High Power: 100A (10C)
Application: ESS Solutions

LTO Battery Pack 1Ah 2.4V 2.4Wh

Dimensions(D*L): 14*105 (mm)
Fast Charge: 1A
High Power: 5A
Application: Emergency light

LTO Battery Pack  0.5Ah 4.8V 2.4Wh 

Dimensions(D*L): 14*105 (mm)
Fast Charge: 1A
High Power: 5A
Application: Emergency light

LTO Battery Pack 7.2V 2.6Ah 18.72Wh

Dimensions(T*W*H): 40*60*70 (mm)
Protected Charge Current : 1.5A
Protected Discharge Current: 1.5A
Application: Explosion-proof monitor

We stock 2mAh-10000mAh LTO Cells For Your Prototypes & Replacement.  Focused on good lithium titanate oxide material and high volume production, we can delivery highly quality and manufacturing price of lto battery cells for your need.

LTO Cells list
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Longer Cycles Battery Life

LTO Battery Cells comes over 10000cycles lifespan, and the other lithium ion only carry 1000cycles life. Our lto technology realizes a truly recyclable concept, which is more environmentally friendly and economical.

-40°C Extreme Temperature Running

LTO Cell breaks the the limitation of running temperature(-20°C to 60°C )of traditional lithium battery. It can work well from -40°C to 75°C, eliminating the risk of thermal runaway and becoming preferred battery for cold environment.

Safest lithium Battery

Our lto cell technology use high-tech lithium titanate materials on the anode ather than the carbon materials used in other lithium-ion batteries, and its chemical reaction is more stable. Under stringent tests such as acupuncture, squeezing, and short circuit, there is no smoke, fire, or explosion, thereby the safety is much higher than other lithium batteries.

Support Rapid Charge

New lto cell support fast charging up to 5C, and other lithium battery only can charge with 0.2C~0.5C.  Our cutting-edge lto cell technology shortens the charging time from a long 5-hour wait to just 20 minutes, improving dramatically rechargeable efficiency.

Support 10C Higher Power

Our lithium titanate battery cell support 10C high rate discharge. It means your electronics can get more usable energy in same dimensions design.

IEC/CE/ROHS/UN/MSDS Certificated

Our lto cells approved safe certifications: IEC, MSDS, UN38.3, ROHS, CE. We can apply for customer’s spefic certifcations but need more effort and order battery quantity, but contact us if need.

Our Great Service

with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and innovation in lithium titanate battery technology, we are able to develop lithium lithium titanate batteries varing in capacities and size for consumer electronics. It breaks through the restriction of lithium titanate battery that can only be used in energy-storage. Brightening up your consumer electronics prototypes with superior battery of excellent safety, fast charge, extended lifespan, helping you win the project.


Technical Support and Specifications help You Quickly Evaluation the Potential of Our LTO Lithium Titanate Battery
IOS9001/14001-Compliant Manufacturer, more reliable and support OEM/ODM Service. Affordable Price, Accept small orders
2hours Fast Quotes Reply and Fast Samples Delivery by DHL/FedEx/UPS/Cargo80 Door to Door
Great after-sales Service and 1years Warranty Service for Longer-term & Stable Partnership


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    FAQ & Support

    Need to Assemble PCM for LTO Lithium Titanate Battery?

    According to current technology, there is no special protective circuit board for 2.4V new single lto battery cell . Moreover, LTO Battery can withstand up to 10C fast charge and 20C discharge charge.

    This means that lto lithium titanate batteries have almost not over-discharging due to it can withstand higher discharge current. But engineers should set the charge control (charge voltage should be not more than 2.8V) for avoiding over-charging.

    Why LTO Battery Can Fast Charge and Discharge High Current than Other Lithium Ion Battery?

    We using high-tech lithium titanate nanocrystal to improve the anode of battery rather than the carbon materials used in other lithium batteries. That gives LTO Battery anode a surface area of ​​ca. 100 square meters per gram, enabling electrons can be faster enter and leave the anode quickly. But the carbon-based material only can achieve 3 square meters per gram, thats why new lithium ion battery can fast charge and discharge higher current than normal lithium battery.

    What’s the Handing Precaution when Assemble/Disassemble
    Assemble Precautions:

    1. Make sure largest surface of lto battery is fixed the device and no shaking.
    2. No any sharp edge around lto battery when installed.
    3. The electric soldering iron bit temp should set on 320°C~350°C and the soldering time < 3S when soldering.
    4. Never make “+” and “-“ pin touch with battery shell to form circuit. Otherwise lto battery will be damaged.
    5. Stop using the lto battery when electrolyte is flowing and give us feedback.
    6. Please strictly refer to our specifications to use our lto battery.

    Disassemble Precautions:

    1. Do not disassemble lto battery cells and packs without any professional guidance. This may cause gassing, firing, explosion or other problems when disassemble it in incorrect way.
    2. Prohibit dispose the lto battery cells and packs in fires, which is very dangerous and may cause explosion.
    3. Please keep the lto battery cells and packs away from children if there is no guardian in the surroundings. The Electrolyte is harmful. In the event that the electrolyte comes in contact with eyes or skin, you should immediately flush the electrolyte with clean water and get medical advice.

    How to Place the Order?

    Please send mail to us and attached the LTO model you interested, the quantity or other request. Your request will be get reply within 1 business day.

    What's MOQ and Accept Small Order?

    The MOQ of cells is 5pcs~10pcs, and we also accept small order.
    The quotations will be depended on the quantity of battery you order. Please contact us to get it.

    What's Warranty Service and Time?

    We will support good warranty service for 1 years from the date of shipment.

    The LTO battery can be get new replacement due to manufacturing process instead of the customer abuse and misuse. Please strictly refer to our specifications to use the LTO lithium titanate battery.

    What's Shipment and Packaging of Batteries?

    Every lto battery will be undergo rigorously test before shipment.

    And fast delivery by DHL, UPS, FedEX, Cargo80 to your address.

    How to Storage LTO Battery?

    The self discharge of lto  battery can be less than 3% per years, and there is no decline of capacity and life even in long-term storage.
    But we recommend charging it once per half a year when long-term storage, and should be stored at room temperature.
    Less than 1 year: -10~20°C
    Less than 3 months: -10~45°C