0525 LTO Battery Cell: 2.4V 12mAh, 10C High Power, 0.028Wh

Superb Ultral Small 0525 LTO Battery Cell from Trusted Manufacturer LTO®: Compact Mini-shape D5*L25mm, 10C High Power, Exclusive Explosion-proof Battery Design. Get 0525 LTO Cell to Stand Out Your Consumer Electronics now!

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LTO Battey Cell 0525 Specification

Battery Model
LTO (lithium titanate) 0525
Voltage @ Capacity
2.4V @ 12mAh
Dimensions (Diameter x Length)
Φ5 x L12(mm)

Max. Operating Voltage Range

1.5V to 2.8V
Fast Charge Current
50mA (5C)

High Discharge Current

120mA (10C)
Charge Temperature Range
0°C to +50°C
Discharge Temperature Range
-20°C to +75°C
Weight (g)

LTO Battery Cell 0525 Highlights

  • LTO Cell 0525 comes over 4000cycles longer life, and more economical and environmentally friendly
  • LTO Cell 0525 support 120mA/10C high rate discharge
  • LTO Cell 0525 enhanced the safety by our exclusive explosion-proof design, no fire and no explosion
  • LTO Cell 0525 can get full charge at few minutes with 5C fast charge rate
  • LTO Cell 0525 have ultra small shape with diameter 5mm* Length 25mm, meeting the space size of special mini products.

We provide technical data sheet, charge/discharge curves, low temperature testing and life cycles tested data for helping engineers to effectively evaluate the performance of lto battery. Full specifications please contact us to get.

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