Why Lithium Titanate Battery Can Charge/Discharge at Wider Temperature?

Lithium titanate battery (LTO) known for its wider working temperature is also being valued by the energy industry compared with other lithium batteries. Our lithium titanate battery can run safely from -40℃ to 75℃. Numerous research data indicate that for lithium ion batteries with carbon-based materials as the negative electrode, because the potential of the carbon electrode and lithium metal are close, when overcharged, the lithium metal will easily precipitate on the surface of the carbon electrode to form lithium dendrites, which can pierce the diaphragm cause a short circuit.

But the hi-tech lithium titanate material with a 3D spinel structure has a unique three-dimensional lithium ion diffusion channel. The structure of the lithium titanate material hardly changes during the battery charging and discharging, hence it is not easy to generate lithium dendrites with strong metal activity. This can significantly avoid the short circuit caused by lithium dendrites piercing the separator. On the other hand, the lithium titanate material as the negative electrode can absorb the oxygen released by the decomposition reaction of the positive electrode, which also greatly reduces the risk of thermal runaway of the battery. Therefore, lithium titanate batteries can be used safely in wider temperature environments.

 Lithium Titanate Battery (LTO) Charge/Discharge Temperature Range

For charging temperature range, lithium titanate battery (LTO) can be charged at -40°C to 50°C. The charge temperature of 0°C to 45°C for lithium titanate battery our website show just is standard charging temperature not limit charging temperature. And we do 100°C 100Hours High temperature Testing for our small lithium titanate battery, please contact us to get testing data if need. Actually, not all lithium titanate batteries can be charged/discharged at ultra low temperature because it also related to battery capacity. The bigger the capacity of lithium titanate battery, the better the charging efficiency at low temperature.

For discharging temperature range, other manufacturer’s lithium titanate battery can be discharge at -40°C to 50°C. But our lithium titanate battery can be run well at low temperature -40°C while at high temperature up to 75°C. At -40°C, our lithium titanate battery’s capacity retention ratio is over 70%@0.5C discharging; At -20°C, it is up to 99%; At 75°C, it is over 90%. The high discharge efficiency at extreme low temperature improving significantly the energy utilization for extreme cold area, specially for Canada, Russia and some Nordic countries like Switzerland, Finland, Sweden.

Lithium titanate battery (lto) can be operate well at extreme temperature environment due to its higher and lower temperature tolerance, which reduce the use of auxiliary accessories such as cooling plates or high temperature detection components, and making the energy utilization is more efficient.

With our deep insight into customer battery request, the extreme high temperature tolerance of lithium titanate battery (lto) is more popular for emergency lightings, led lightings product design company, and you can go to this page to find more lithium titanate battery for this applications: Lithium Titanate Battery For Emergency Lights and LED Lights 

The ultra low temperature performance of lithium titanate battery (lto) is becoming preferred energy for some company focusing on solar lights, energy storage, high power devices application from Canada, Russia and the Nordic countries. You can email us to get low temperature testing for evaluation.

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