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Lithium Titanate (LTO) Battery 18650 1300mAh 2.4V For Smart Bike Lock

18650 1300mAh 2.4V Lithium titanate (LTO) battery, which is applied to the smart bicycle lock, not only provides 5years longer service life, but also enhances the outdoor adaptability of the equipment. Making smart bicycle lock more safer, durable.

Built-in Best 18650 Lithium Titanate Battery, Longer Service Life
The smart bike lock have more than 5years service life and operate 10000cycles unlock/lock. This exciting breakthrough will benefit from its advanced battery technology – Lithium Titanate (LTO) Battery 18650, which have longest battery life (7000cycles) & lower self-consumption (3%/ per year) than any lithium battery, and reduce greatly the frequency of battery replacement. Obviously, A good lithium battery supply will drive a revolution in the performance of the product.

Without Any Keys, Share Location and Access
Smart bike lock frees people from the cumbersome key ring and risk of lost bike, making your riding life more smarter and safer. With smart bike, you can track effortlessly the cycling activity such as trip length, duration and calories burnt. What’s more, it can help you share the location and access to your bike with family and friends by set up your own bike share system. Even if the phone is gone, you can run the bike by pressing the password on the smart lock.

Stronger Outdoor Adaptability, Wider Temperature Tolerance
The smart bicycle lock greatly expands the freedom and convenience of riding, and eliminates the expensive and clunky bike docking stations. On the other hand, the built-in lithium titanate battery 18650 enhances the temperature resistance of smart bike lock. Whether in a cold area of -30 degrees or a high temperature of 70 degrees, lithium titanate batteries 18650 cells can ensure the smart lock works well in inclement weather conditions.

The development of battery brings us into the era of cordless and recyclable electronic products. With the advancement and development of technology, the safety, cycle times, fast recharging efficiency and environmental adaptability of battery have become important conditions for product design. New generation superior lithium titanate battery fully meets these requirements which have higher power input/output, longer battery life, more safe & stable and withstand lower/higher temperature working environment. The lithium titanate battery are becoming the best energy for prototypes, if you have similar product design please contact us to get a best lithium titanate battery solutions. More about 18650 series please go to this details pages:


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