Lithium Titanate Battery

Fast Charge & Double Safety & Extraordinary Battery life
We are leader in manufacturing lithium titanate battery technology. Huge selection of Lithium Titanata Battery (LTO) designed for your mechanical design.

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Lithium Titanate Battery Cells

We designed high-tech Micro lithium titanate batteries for wearable prototypes and other energy storage devices, LTO battery have outstanding advantage in Fast charger/discharge, Wider temperature adaptation and Extreme long cycles life. With the Exciting challenge for new energy from electronic field, we will be keen to create more new lithium titanate cells with more different shapes, more sizes, more energy for providing more freedom in mechanical design.

Lithium Titanate Battery Outstanding Performance:

1. Faster charge and Faster discharge: Lithium Titanate Battery can can fast charge at 5C-6C and fast discharge at 10C~30C.

2. Extraordinary Battery cycle life >7000 longer cycles life: Lithium Titanate Battery keep 80% energy afte 2000cycles and run a longer time, meeting extreme abuse and long economic effects.

3. Wider operating temperature range: -30°C ~ 70°C: Lithium Titanate Battery have high degree of adaptability in high/low temp environment.

4. Higher safety and Higher stability – No explosion, No fire. Lithium titanate battery have absolute safety and stability because of its use of lithium titanate as an anode material.

5. Strict testing to ensure higher quality lithium titanate batteries
In the research and development of lithium titanate batteries, we conducted various destructive tests on various types and functions of lithium titanate batteries: Puncture test, crush test, short circuit test, and waterproof experiment. Experiments show that the lithium titanate batteries developed by us have excellent consistency and higher quality.

6. Eco-friendly & green energy
lithium titanate battery is a green new energy and more environmental friendly, compared with other carbon based lithium batteries.

7. Special PCM designed for lithium titanate battery
We assmble PCM when request, PCM has efficient protection and management effect: over charge protection, over discharge protection, high voltage protection, low voltage protection, charge overcurrent protection, discharge overcurrent protection, high temperature protection, low temperature protection, short circuit protection and cell balancing.

Lithium Titanate Battery Cells List:

LTO04072.4V/ 1.8mAh0.4*0.720C80.22
LTO46232.4V/ 10mAh4.6*2320C2.50.65
LTO65382.4V/ 50mAh6.8*3820C802.6
LTO72302.4V/ 40mAh7.2*3020C3503
LTO72402.4V/ 60mAh7.2*4020C1503
LTO10152.4V/ 40mAh10*15201502.4
LTO10202.4V/ 50mAh10*2020C1203
LTO10302.4V/ 100mAh10*3020C1004.7
LTO13252.4V/ 170mAh13*2520C406.7
LTO13302.4V/ 220mAh13*3020C358.6
LTO13352.4V/ 240mAh13*3520C359.5
LTO14502.4V/ 500mAh14*5020C3516.6
LTO16502.4V/ 700mAh16*5015C2023.1
LTO18502.4V/ 900mAh18*5015C2029.7
LTO186502.4V/ 1300mAh18*6510C2038.5

The Hot-selling Models Show:

Lithium Titanate Battery LTO1015 40mAh 2.4V

Dimensions(D*L): 10*15 (mm)

Application:Mini Electronic Cigarattes

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Lithium Titanate Battery LTO1325 170mAh 2.4V

Dimensions(D*L): 13*25 (mm)

Application:Mini Electronic Cigarattes

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Lithium Titanate Battery LTO1020 50mAh 2.4V

Dimensions(D*L): 10*20 (mm)

Application: MIni Electronic Toys

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Lithium Titanate Battery LTO1330 220mAh 2.4V

Dimensions(D*L): 13*30 (mm)

Application:Mini Electronic Cigarattes

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Lithium Titanate Battery LTO1030 100mAh 2.4V

Dimensions(D*L): 10*30 (mm)

Application: Personal care devices

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Lithium Titanate Battery LTO1335 240mAh 2.4V

Dimensions(D*L): 13*35 (mm)

Application:Mini Electronic Cigarattes

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The Application of Lithium Titanate Batteries

The other series Lithium Titanate Batteries

The Attention of Lithium Titanate Batteries

(1) No any sharp edge around the lithium titanate cells and batteries when installed.
(2) Never make “+” and “-“ pin touch with battery shell to form circuit. Otherwise the LTO will be damaged.
(3) Please strictly refer to our specifications to use our lithium titanate cells and batteries.
(4) Do not disassemble the lithium titanate cells and batteries without any professional guidance. This may cause gassing, firing, explosion or other problems when disassemble LTO in incorrect way.
(5) The lithium titanate cells and batteries should be stored at room temperature, and charge to about 30% to 50% of capacity.

Learn more the Precautions of Lithium Titanate Battery:  www.lithium-titanate-battery/support

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