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Lithium Titanate Battery Packs  LTO40120-5S3P 30Ah 12V

 Lithium Titanate Battery (LTO) 40120-5S3P 30Ah 12V  is excellent battery solutions for solar energy storage systems. Its fast recharge rate. The longer battery life more than 10years and higher recharge efficiency exceeding 98% of LTO40120-5S3P packs can greatly improve the energy efficiency of solar energy systems. Our lithium titanate battery packs has outstanding performance in the following aspects:

1. Fast Charge Rate>3C and Higher Discharge Rate>5C
As is known, the maximum charging rate of an ordinary lithium battery can only reach 2C, and high charging rate easily causes overheating reaction and loss of battery cycles. But the improved super lithium battery – lithium titanate battery cells & pack has unparalleled high energy conversion efficiency, which can achieve >3C fast charge safely. The lithium titanate battery can storage more density energy in short time for solar energy system or other energy storage need. The application of lithium titanate batteries will bring new technological revolution in solar energy storage systems.

2. Longer Battery Cycles>7000times and Long-term Economic Effect
The Lithium Titanate Battery also can up to higher battery cycles under fast charge conditions. The battery cycles of a single cell LTO40120 10Ah can up to 7000cycles at 0.5C/5Ah charge and have 10years battery life. The nickel-metal hydride batteries only have 500times, and other lithium battery only have 1000-2000cycles. These means that the lithium titanate battery have higher cost compared with other lithium battery, but it have longe-term economic effect due to its longer service life.

3. Wider Operating Temperature -30℃ to 80℃
The lithium titanate battery packs can work well at lower or higher temperature environment, and the normal lithium battery only can operate at -20℃ to 60℃ temperature. It’s preferable energy-storage battery for Nordic country (Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway) as many areas are cloudy and rainy.

4. The Customized service of PCM/ BMS/ Balancer, Higher process & More Safe, Reliable
We will assemble the suitable PCM/ BMS/ Balancer based on your applications when need. The cost and lead time will depend on the work current & peak current & process complexity of the lithium titanate battery packs you need. But if you don’t have a clear need for your project, please contact us to get a suitable battery solutions from our R&D team.

We also assemble the Lithium Titanate Battery LTO40120-5S2P 12V 20Ah for solar system. More specifications or Quotations please contact us.


Lithium Titanate Battery Packs LTO40120-5S3P Details

Battery Model
Voltage @ Capacity
12V @ 30Ah
15*LTO40120 10Ah  in 5S3P
Customized Service

Max. Operating Voltage Range

8V to 14V

Standard Charge Current (Amp)

6A (0.2C)
Fast Charge Current (Amp)
60A (2C)
Standard Discharge Current (Amp)
6A (0.2C)

Maximum Discharge Current (Amp)

240A (4C)
Charge Temperature Range
-20°C to +50°C
Discharge Temperature Range
-35°C to +75°C
appr. 4,2kg


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