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Lithium Titanate Battery Packs  LTO1865-10S7P 9Ah 24V

 Lithium Titanate Battery (LTO) 1865-10S7P 9Ah 24V is superior energy storage battery packs with outstanding performance: Rapid Charge rate 3C & High Work Current up to 45A & Extreme operating temperature-20°C to +75°C & Longer Battery Life > 7000cycles & Lower Internal Resistance.

The lithium titanate battery packs 24V LTO1865-10S7P is very popular among electric vehicle engineers. It has a longer service life and more safer than other normal lithium battery pack. What’s more,  the lithium titanate battery are more economical and environmentally friendly in the long run.

We can assemble lithium titanate battery packs based on your specifications, the lead time and quotations will be depended on your requirement. Please contact us to learn more, we will delivery the best energy solution for your mechanical design. 

Lithium Titanate Battery Packs LTO1865-10S7P Details

Battery Model
Voltage @ Capacity
24V @ 9Ah
70*LTO35120 7Ah  in 10S7P

Max. Operating Voltage Range

16V to 28V

Standard Charge Current (Amp)

4.5A (0.5C)
Fast Charge Current (Amp)
27A (3C)
Standard Discharge Current (Amp)
4.2A (0.5C)

Maximum Discharge Current (Amp)

45A (5C)
Charge Temperature Range
0°C to +50°C
Discharge Temperature Range
-20°C to +75°C


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