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We assemble Lithium Titanate Battery (LTO) Packs in Series or Parallels (Different Shape, Capacity and Voltage) to meet higher power need. The BMS, Energy Power will be assembled based on your specifications. Our fully automated mechanized production, advanced mechanical welding technology and strict quality control will ensure the higher quality lithium titanate battery (LTO) packs.

Why Choose our lithium titanate battery packs:

1. High Consistency: Fast charge, Longer battery Life, Excellent Safety
Lithium titanate battery (LTO) outperformance in fast charge(5C-30C), longer battery life(>7000cycles), wider working temperature(-40°C-70°C) and excellent safety compared with other carbon-based lithium battery. Obviously, the lithium titanate battery packs also have these extraordinary performance and high consistency with single cells battery. That can effectively create renewable energy in short time and eliminate the risk of thermal runaway.

2. Great Customization Service: Different Shapes/ Voltage/ Capacity
We will assemble the lithium titanate battery (LTO) packs in series or parallels, that can be customized to different shapes, voltage, capacity for making best use of internal mechanical design specifications and higher energy needs.


3. Strict Quality Control: Safe, Stable and Reliable
Our Lithium titanate battery (LTO) packs manufactured according to the requirements of UN38.3, MSDS, CE, CB, RoHS, IEC62133 certifications. And all lithium titanate battery (LTO) undergo the rigorous safe tests (overcharge/over-discharge test, short-circuit test, high temperature test and low-voltage test) in our research laboratory. It meet the international high standards.

4. Special Battery Packs BMS & Balancer: Stable Rechargeable and Smart Monitoring
We design dedicated BMS (Battery Management Module) and balancer based on different application such as portable devices, solar storage system, solar street light, golf trolley battery, UPS or or replacement for Lead-acid Battery. That ensures high stability & reliability of our lithium titanate battery packs during charge and discharge while balancing cells. Additional communications protocol (reading capacity, voltage, temperature of battery) and battery case will be integrated when request, but will increase the corresponding cost.

5. Easy to Replace: Durable, Higher Economic Benefits
Other traditional lithium battery packs can’t work when some single battery cells have problems or damaged. But our lithium titanate battery (LTO) packs are easy to disassemble and replace. When there is a problem with a single cell, just replace new single cell and then the lithium titanate packs still able to use normally. This means our lithium titanate battery are more stable, durable and have longe-term economic benefits.

Custom Best Lithium Titanate Battery Packs For Your Energy Storage Design

We designed 7.2V~48V 18W~5kWh of high density energy Lithium Titanate Battery Packs for engineering test and energy storage. The Quotations and Lead time will depend on your specifications need and process cost, please contact us to let us know more about your battery pack details.

2.4V~7.2V LTO Battery Packs      12V LTO Battery Packs   24 LTO Battery Packs      36V LTO Battery Packs    48V LTO Battery Packs

2.4V~11V Lithium Titanate LTO Battery Packs are designed for emergency lights products and other portable devices.

12V Lithium Titanate LTO Battery Packs are designed for solar street lights and other energy storage.

24V Lithium Titanate LTO Battery Packs are designed for UPS.

Lithium Titanate Battery (lto) Packs 24V 20Ah 480Wh


36V Lithium Titanate LTO Battery Packs are designed for e-bike and UPS.

48V Lithium Titanate LTO Battery Packs are designed for energy storage system

These lithium titanate battery cells also can assmeble to packs.
Fast Charge RateContinuous Discharge RateIR

    Caution: (1) No any sharp edge around the LTO cells and batteries when installed. (2) Never make “+” and “-“ pin touch with battery shell to form circuit. Otherwise the LTO will be damaged. (3) Please strictly refer to our specifications to use our lithium titanate cells and batteries. (4) Do not disassemble the lithium titanate cells and batteries without any professional guidance. This may cause gassing, firing, explosion or other problems when disassemble LTO in incorrect way. (5) The lithium titanate cells and batteries should be stored at room temperature, and charge to about 30% to 50% of capacity. Learn More about the advantage, safe test and precautions of our LTO battery: www.lithium-titanate-battery/support
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