Lithium Titanate Battery For Personal Healthcare Applications

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Lithium Titanate Battery LTO18650 1300mAh built in Smart Electric Toothbrush

The smart electric toothbrush powered by the lithium titanate battery lto18650 1300mAh is an indispensable tool in personal health care products. It makes us get the healthy mouth feeling and smile more confidence. 

The appearance of smart electric toothbrush become more comfortable, lightweight. The built-in power is key configuration. Lithium Titanate Battery LTO18650 1300mAh 2.4V have light shape (diameter18mm*length50mm) with higher density capacity. It makes you barely feel the weight of electric toothbrush when holding it in 2~3mins.

With superior fast charging of lithium titanate battery, smart electric toothbrush can up to 100% power after charging 5minutes, and run up to 3weeks better than other normal lithium batteries. And the smart electric toothbrush built-in lithium titanate batteries can connect with toothcare app to get a real-time and personalized coaching. It can help you find a right way to deep clean your tooth.

Moreover, smart electric toothbrushes usually come with a USB charging suitcase for traveling. It enables your lithium titanate batteries full power at all times and keeps us your regular routine at anywhere.

Lithium titanate batteries are gradually gaining recognition in personal care products due to their reliable safety, longer service life, and fast charging performance. We look forward to providing more lithium titanate battery energy for high-tech healthcare products.

Battery Type
Lithium Titanate Battery
Part Number
Voltage @ Capacity
2.4V @ 1300mAh
Thermistor (NTC)
Fast Charge Rate
Dimension (D*L)
18 x 65 (mm)
Storage Temperature
-30°C to +75°C