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Lithium Titanate AA USB Battery LTO 1200mAh 1.5V For Electric Bikini Trimmer

Personal care product Electric Bikini Trimmer getting more powerful and service longer time as powered by superior Lithium Titanate AA USB Battery 1200mAh. New generation USB AA lithium titanate battery, with small compact shape diameter 14mm*length 50mm, no need charge cord, which can power the personal care product up to 5000cycles but more safer, replaced more easily.

E-Bikini Trimmer Overview
2 click-on combs to shape easily your beautiful & style bikini line by trimming hairs at 3/5mm precisely length.
E-Bikini Trimming head can trims down hairs to 0.5mm for an groomed look, then use mini shaving head for a clean bare shave.
Round cutting teeth effectively help you trim the bikini line safely and effectively while protecting the skin.
Cleaning brush included for cleaning the trimming head to keep it hygienic.
A Storage pouch can store everything in one place for easy carrying or travel.
Superior & New generation energy without charging cords – lithium titanate battery USB AA 1200mAh@1.5V with 5000cycles longer life and exceeding 98% recharge efficiency, and can fast full capacity at 1hours by any USB port.
The clever ergonomic handle enable device can easy shave, trim and style your bikini line by navigating around the bikini area.

E-Bikini Trimmer Excellent Performance
The new generation of E-bikini trimmers has been greatly improved in performance thanks to the embedded a super energy – lithium titanate battery USB AA 1200mAh@1.5V.
1) The lithium titanate battery included have longest life in rechargeable battery that works up to 3year, 5000cycles. Extended battery life greatly reduce the frequency and cost of battery replacement;
2) And It is safer due to it’s advanced technology lithium titanate anode material, meeting the high safety requirements for personal care, beauty care or medical care products that are used close to the our body, skin;
3) In addition, E-Bikini Trimmer breaks through the use limitations of temperature and location because Lithium titanate USB AA battery tolerant extreme temperature at -30~80 degrees, even in cold winters or cold regions, you can enjoy the bikini trimmer to care for yourself. Moreover, it can get full capacity within 1hours through the USB charging port, and get rid of the complicated charging cord, which is portable in travel.

We are committed to providing advanced energy solutions for personal-care/beauty-care products, which enhance the device performance and advantages. More slim Cylindrical shape & 5C~20C high energy lithium titanate battery cells for your selection: LTO6538 50mAh 2.4V, LTO1015 40mAh 2.4V, LTO1335 240mAh 2.4V, LTO1450 500mAh 2.4V.

E-Bikini Trimmer Excellent performance

Built-in USB Lithium Titanate AA Battery Details 

USB Rechargeble AA Lithium Titanate Battery Parameters

Battery Type
Voltage @ Capacity
1.5V @ 1200mAh
Dimensions (Diameter x Length)
Φ14 x L50(mm)

Battery Full Charge Time


Battery Life

Battery Cycles
Rated Input Voltage

Rated Input Current

Output Load Voltage
1.5V ± 0.2V
Rated Output Current
Weight (g)

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