ULTRA-SMALL LI-TITANATE(Lithium Titanate, LTO) BATTERY Design For Mini Mechanical Design

Super Compact Mini-Shape & High Rate Recharge & Longer Battery Life

Ultral-small li-titanate (lithium titanate, LTO) battery has higher recharge rate (5C-10C) within super compact mini-shape. It makes good use of the internal space of mini devices, and meet the high energy need. Ultral-small li-titanate batteries have become the preferred energy for mechanical engineers due to these advantages, compared carbon-based lithium batteries:

  • Li-titanate battery can faster charge at 5C~10C and faster discharge at 10C~30C.
  • Li-titanate battery have absolute security performance.
  • Li-titanate battery can run well at wider temperature range from 0°C to 75°C.
  • Li-titanate battery have higher longer cycle life( 2000cycles~4000cycles).
  • Li-titanate single cell can be integrated Li-titanate packs for higher need in capacity & voltage.

New generation ultra-small lithium titanate battery are designed for mini enclosure, and solves the problems in inefficient energy supply. For lithium titanate batteries, the small dimension not means low power, because it can able to continuously release higher energy in a small size and has a longer cycle life, which greatly improves the hard core performance of the product. Make it more efficient, more stable. You won’t find a better deal in lithium battery for mini enclosure anywhere.

Li-Titanate (Lithium Titanate, LTO) Battery Models List

We designed these popular ultral-small Li-Titanate Cells for prototypes & test. It’s possible to custom the Li-titanate battery dimensions based on your specifications but involves more efforts and have the MOQ. Ask the Quotations & Data sheet now, you can get the information in 1 business day.

Li-Titanate Battery LTO0407 1.8mAh 2.4V 

Fast Charge/ (Time) : 10C/ 0.2hours
Dimensions(D*L): 4.0*7.0 (mm)
Application: Miniature special device

Li-Titanate Battery LTO6538 50mAh 2.4V 

Higher Power: 10C/ 500mAh
Dimensions(D*L): 6.5*38 (mm)
Application: Electronic pen, outdoor IOT product

Li-Titanate Battery LTO4610 5mAh 2.4V

Fast Charge/ (Time) : 5C/ 0.3hours
Dimensions(D*L): 4.6*10 (mm)
Application: Mini Electronic Cigarettes

Li-Titanate Battery LTO0812 10mAh 2.4V

Fast Charge/ (Time) : 5C/ 0.3hours
Dimensions(D*L): 8.0*12 (mm)
Application: Miniature electric toys

More other type li-titanate battery:

The Cautions of Li-Titanate Battery

(1) No any sharp edge around the Li-titanate cells and batteries when installed.
(2) Never make “+” and “-“ pin touch with battery shell to form circuit. Otherwise the Li-titanate will be damaged.
(3) Please strictly refer to our specifications to use our Li-titanate cells and batteries.
(4) Do not disassemble the Li-titanate cells and batteries without any professional guidance. This may cause gassing, firing, explosion or other problems when disassemble Li-titanate in incorrect way.
(5) The Li-titanate cells and batteries should be stored at room temperature, and charge to about 30% to 50% of capacity.

Learn more the Precautions of Lithium Titanate Battery:  www.lithium-titanate-battery/support

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