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    Energy-storage Lithium-Titanate (LTO) Battery

    Huge Selection of Lithium-titanate battery (capacity 2Ah ~ 65Ah) can meet your energy storage needs. Our lithium titanate batteries can rapid recharge at 5C~10C and deeper cycles >7000times, and  LTO batteries samples can be delivery for your prototyping test within 3-4days lead time. Whether specification &Quotations or customization request, you can get our best solutions in 1 business day. The Quality of our lithium titanate battery and work efficiency are the great services we support for your project.

    Our energy-storage Lithium-Titanate Battery keep higher international process standards and technical requirements, and being widely used in the fields of starting energy for electric vehicles, solar system and energy storage base stations. Similarly, the energy-storage Lithium-Titanate Battery have a high consistency in these excellent performances:

    1. High working voltage: 2.4V
    2. Rapid charge at 5C~10C and Rapid discharge at 10C~30C
    3. Wild working temperature
    4. Longer cycles life 7000cycles~20000cycles
    5. Smaller internal resistance to support high working current

    6. The rivet-type positive and negative for supporting high current continuous output
    Normal lithium-titanate batteries used pole-type positive and negative electrodes, but energy-storage lithium-titanate batteries require fast input or output high current in a short period of time. The pole-type positive and negative electrodes can’t carry excessively high working currents, and may easily cause short circuit or even damage to the battery. Hence, the rivet-type positive and negative is significant to enable lithium-titanate batteries to maintain high performance even at rapid charge/discharge but more safety and protect battery life.

    7. Easier assembly into battery packs, battery modules for higher energy need
    The single lithium titanate battery cells can be assembled into lithium titanate battery packs & battery modules easily, also easy to disassembled, and replaced. When some single cells have problems or damage, just replace one not replace all packs. It means lithium titanate battery packs are more durable and reliable. Moreover, Lithium titanate battery packs can also be assembled protective circuit to detect the overcharge/discharge.

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    Lithium-Titanate Battery Models List

    We stock hot-selling models for proto evaluation, accepting small order. All Quotation & datasheet require & customized need can be fast reply in 1 business day. The lithium titanate battery samples can be delivery at 3-4days lead time by global shippment DHL, UPS, FedEX.

    Lithium-Titanate Battery LTO2265 2Ah 2.4V

    Dimensions(D*L): 22*65 (mm)
    Application: Energy Storage

    Lithium-Titanate Battery LTO35120 7Ah 2.4V

    Dimensions(D*L): 35*120 (mm)
    Application: Energy Storage UPS

    Lithium-Titanate Battery LTO2665 3Ah 2.4V

    Dimensions(D*L): 26*65 (mm)
    Application: Energy Storage

    Lithium-Titanate Battery LTO40120 10Ah 2.4V

    Dimensions(D*L): 40*120 (mm)
    Application: Solar energy storage system

    Lithium-Titanate Battery LTO3570 3.5Ah 2.4V

    Dimensions(D*L): 35*70 (mm)
    Application: Energy Storage UPS

    Lithium Titanate Battery for Energy Storage Applications

    Our lithium titanate battery is superior &  new rechargeable lithium battery for energy storage, it can achieve over 80% capacity only charging within few minutes. The lithium titanate battery cells can be assembled into battery packs or battery modules without PCM, so is very convenient to secondary maintenance.

    Lithium Titanate Battery for Solar Energy Storage System

    Lithium Titanate Battery for Electrical Tools





    Lithium Titante Battery Cells & Packs & Modules Applications

    Lithium Titanate Battery for Emergency Start Energy of E-Car

    Lithium Titanate Battery for Solar Street Lighting

    More Lithium-Titanate-Battery Cells & Packs for Energy Storage:


    (1). No any sharp edge around the lithium-titanate cells and batteries when installed.
    (2). Never make “+” and “-“ pin touch with battery shell to form circuit. Otherwise the lithium-titanate battery will be damaged.
    (3). Please strictly refer to our specifications to use our lithium-titanate cells and batteries.
    (4). Do not disassemble the lithium-titanate cells and batteries without any professional guidance. This may cause gassing, firing, explosion or other problems when disassemble lithium-titanate battery in incorrect way.
    (5). The lithium-titanate cells and batteries should be stored at room temperature, and charge to about 30% to 50% of capacity.

    Learn more the Precautions of Lithium Titanate Battery:  www.lithium-titanate-battery/support

    Support & FAQ

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