The Applications of Lithium Titanate Battery

We stock huge selections of lithium titanate battery (Capacity 1.8mAh-65000mAh) for prototyping & evaluation. These LTO Battery are widely apply for wireless bluetooth headsets, healthcare products, security system, energy-storage system, and can run well with various mechanical design.

Lithium Titanate Battery in Personal Healthcare Products Applications

Lithium Titanate Battery (LTO) For Healthcare Applications

Lithium Titanate Battery LTO18650 1300mAh 2.4V Designed For Electric Toothbrush
Lithium Titanate Battery for Electric BiKini Trimmer
Lithium Titanate Battery for Smart Electric Shaver
Lithium Titanate Battery for Facial Cleansing

Personalized personal healthcare products bring us a healthy life and living more confident. Cordless, rechargeable performance makes healthcare products more free to use at any time, whether at home or you are traveling. The rechargeable battery is the most critical component of a personal healthcare mechinical design. Obviously, it is the transmitter of the product’s outtanding features.

The product design related to human health often has high requirements for the safety and waterproofness of power supply, and the development of lithium titanate batteries is in line with this challenge. Lithium Titanate Batteries has superior safety over other lithium-ion batteries, providing 10years service life and extending the durability of healthcare products.

Key Features:

1. Absolute safety performance and longer service battery life for 10years.
2. cylinder shape perfectly suits for mechanical design
3. Great waterproof performance allow healthcare products used safely in Wet and Dry environments.
4. lightweight and portable, cordless hanlding
5. Fast charging can meet daily abuse

Lithium Titanate Battery in High-tech Designs Applications

The invention of hi-tech technology has freed us from tedious task and achieved a more easier life and higher working efficiency. Power supply are essential for high-tech mechanical designs. The Super Lithium Battery – Lithium Titanate Battery provides an excellent balance of application, environment and investment.

On the one hand, lithium titanate batteries have an absolute advantage over other lithium batteries in terms of excellent performance in fast charging, and it is more secure, stable and has a long life cycle. In addition, our customers also will benefit from the wider operating temperature range of lithium titanate batteries.

On the other hand, we have extensive experience and high Sensitivity to our clients’s design projects, which is makes the essential difference, as compared to other battery manufacturers.

Key Advantages:

1. Lithium Titanate Batteries can fast charge at 5C~6C to provide high work current.
2. Lithium Titanate Batteries are durable and robust with 2000~7000cycles battery life.
3. Lithium Titanate Batteries have better environmental adaptability and operate on temperature range: -30°C ~ 70°C.
4. We provide long-term supply & service of Lithium titanate batteries and developing more type of LTO for meeting our client’s need.
5. Extensive experience and competitive battery products help you win the project and market.

Lithium Titanate Battery (LTO) For High-tech Applications

Lithium Titanate Battery LTO4610 5mAh 2.4V Designed For Wireless Bluetooth Headsets
Lithium Titanate Battery Designed For Electronic Pet Tracker
Lithium Titanate Battery Designed For Environmental Monitor of Swimming Pool

Lithium Titanate Battery in Electric  Vehicles Industry Applications

Lithium Titanate Battery (LTO) For Electric Vehicles Applications

Lithium Titanate Battery LTO89210 5000mAh 2.4V Designed For Emergency Start Energy for Electric Vehicles

Wireless rechargeable energy technology will enable the development of electric vehicles to re-define the electric vehicle industry. Charging online or charging when running will become a possibility. Energy with high safety, high rate performance and long battery life will be the focus of the electric industry. Lithium titanate Battery, a super lithium battery using lithium titanate as a negative electrode material, will play an unbeatable role in the electric industry.

The excellent rapid charging characteristics of lithium titanate (90% charging efficiency) batteries combined with wireless charging will be successfully applied to electric vehicles such as electric buses, electric motorcycles, trams, AGVs and some emergency equipment. Moreove, The fast charge and long service life of lithium titanate greatly reduce the number of batteries required for electric vehicles, thereby reducing the cost of the entire vehicle.

Key Features:

1. Lithium Titanate Battery have a recharge efficiency exceeding 85%~95%
2. Lithium Titanate Battery are cost-effective and environment friendly.
3. Lithium Titanate Battery can used on lower or higher temperture-30°C ~ 70°C.
4. Our lithium titanate battery are easily designed to battery modular following capacity or voltage requirements, and can be replaced and retrofitted at any time when energy consumption increase.

USB Rechargeable AA Lithium Titanate Battery for Household Electric Devices

The usb rechargeable aa lithium titanate battery can power the devices 100% energy by 1hours fast charge and have longer battery life up to 5000cycles. Its’s very more durable compared with other aa battery,  and widely used for various terminal electronics: Digital Cameras, Robots, Children Toys, Microphones, Gamepads.

Key Features:

1. High 1.5V Constant Voltage
2. Excellent USB Rapid Charge
3. 5000cycles Longer Battery Life.
4. Mini 4-port USB Charge Extender, More Convenient.
5. High Quality & Smart IC
6.The magnet cap can absorb with the USB rechargeable AA lithium titanate battery when charging, which is not easily lost.

Learn More about the USB Rechargeable AA Lithium Titanate Battery >>>

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