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36V 10Ah Lithium Titanate Battery LTO Packs For Electric Bike

More Safe & BMS High Discharge 30Ah & Longevity>7000cycles

Get the most advanced 36V 10Ah lithium titanate battery packs as the hard-core power for your electric bike, scooters and retro-fit kits. High consistency and excellent battery performance enable your bike stand out in the market. Any technical support, specification reference, quotations or custom need can get the expert reply in 1 business day. We don’t only sell battery, but also provide battery solutions for meeting your power need perfectly.

The advantages of 36V Lithium Titanate Battery

1. Compared with LFP battery and lead acid battery, new 36V lithium titanate battery have extraordinary performance: High Safety, Longer Life, Fast Recharge Efficiency and Higher Current Discharge.
2. Wider working temperature at -35°C to +75°C: 36V lithium titanate battery packs can provide strong power even extremely harsh cycling environment.
3. High quality 15S BMS ensure the high consistency, good equalization and longer battery life for 36V lithium titanate battery packs, including overcharge detection /over discharge detection, over current detection, short circuit detection and low voltage cut-off. Communications protocol will be added when request, which can read the voltage, current in/out, temperature of lithium battery packs.


36V Lithium Titanate Battery Details

Lithium Titanate Battery LTO Packs 36V 10Ah Details

Battery Model
LTO Packs 36V10Ah
Voltage @ Capacity
36V @ 10Ah
Communications protocol
Based on need
Dimensions (mm) 

Max. Operating Voltage Range

24V to 42V

Fast Charge Current

Max. Protective Charge Current 
Max. Continuous Discharge Current 

Peak Discharge Current

80+ A
Charge Temperature Range
-20°C to +50°C
Discharge Temperature Range
-35°C to +75°C
Weight (g)


4. More advanced lithium titanate battery packs designed for fit your electric bike, scooters with different motor power. Custom service are available but please contact us to discuss the details.

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