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Fast Charge(5C~10C) & Extraordinary Safety with Longer Battery Life(>7000cycles)

We are international leader in manufacturing Lithium Titanate Battery (LTO) for electronic prototypes and energy-storage industrial. Huge Selection of Lithium Titanate Battery Cells & Packs will be fit your mechanical design perfectly. From Lithium Titanate Battery design, production to testing and shipping, we provide a great one-button-battery solution for you.

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The daily challenges of new energy from the electronics industry is constantly updating and also are exciting. The electronics world makes our life more comfortable & easier. Batteries are the key components of electronic products, its safety, durability and ability to fast-charge are already prerequisites for energy supply. The development of lithium titanate batteries is filling the demand of this market. The Lithium Titanate Battery (LTO) is characterized by fast charge, extended battery life, extraordinary safety and wider operating temperature, compared other lithium batteries… Learn more


  • Rapid Charge >5C and Discharge Rate >20C
  • Extended Long Battery Life >7000cycles
  • Wider Working Temperature -40°C ~ 75°C
  • Extraordinary Security, Reliability


  • Assemble PCM, BMS, Balancer When Request
  • Semi-Custom Cells & Packs Service
  • Exclusive Explosion-proof Battery Design
  • Certificated by UL, CE, UN38.3
  • Great Warranty and Maintenance


  • Automatic Mechanical Operation From Developing, Producing to Testing, Shipping
  • Fast Reply Within 2 Hours
  • OEM/ODM Service, Accept small order


Select Best lithium titanate batteries Cells & Packs for prototypes &test.

Ultral-small Lithium Titanate Battery 2.4V

The ultra-small lithium titanate battery perfectly optimizes internal space of mini devices due to its ultra-small shape and lightweight. And ultral-small lithium titanate battery has longer battery service life than other small lithium batteries. View More >>>

Standard Lithium Titanate Battery 2.4V

We developed popular lithium titanate battery series. They are outstanding from fast charger/discharge, wider temperature adaptation, extreme long cycles life and higher safety and higher stability. Lithium titanate battery will be a good choice for wearable prototypes and medical devices. View More >>>

Energy-Storage Lithium Titanate Battery 2.4V 

Energy-storage lithium titanate battery series is mainly used in the field of backup energy and electric vehicle industry. They support high-current work in a short period of time, therefore the extreme safety and durability is critical. Generally, the service year of energy-storage lithium titanate battery cells have at least 10 years, which is 3 times that of other lithium batteries.  View More >>>

Lithium Titanate Battery LTO18650 Cells & Packs

New generation superior lithium titanate battery LTO18650 we designed breaks through the limitations of traditional lithium batteries, it performs more safer, longer life and can release higher power, tolerate lower temperature condition. But we still keep the competitive price & higher quality in lithium market. What’s more, we provide more LTO18650 Packs (2.6A 7.2V/ 30Ah 12V/ 5.2Ah 24V) or semi-customized packs service for more selection.  Select LTO18650 Now >>>

Lithium Titanate Battery Packs in Series/ Parallels

We provide semi-customized lithium titanate battery packs service, and assembe battery packs of different shapes, voltages, and capacities for meeting your specifications. Lithium titanate battery packs with high consistency and higher process are widely apply in sweeping robot, energy storage system, intelligent robot, medical devices. View More >>>

USB Rechargeable AA Lithium Titanate Battery

New generation best USB rechargeable AA lithium titanate battery can power your devices 100% capacity by 1hours fast charging and the battery service life up to 5000cycles, it’s very durable and suitable for various terminal electronics: Digital Cameras, Robots, Children Toys, Microphones, Gamepads. View More >>>

With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and high-tech materials, we manufactured more safe and quality lithium iron phosphate battery for consumer electronics and power project.



  • Technology drive lithium iron phosphate 3.2V cells manufacturing, more reliable and offer half manufacturing cost
  • Innovative exclusive explosion-proof lithium iron phosphate cell design, No fire, No explosion
  • Longer Battery Life over 2000cycles@0.5C
  • Support 10C higher load current
  • Authoritative battery safety certificated by IEC62133, CE, ROHS, UN38.3, MSDS
  • Extreme temperature resistance from -20℃ to as high as 75℃, No thermal runaway


Lithium Titanate Battery For Personal Healthcare, Medical Devices

The product design related to human health often has high requirements for the safety and waterproofness of power supply, and the development of lithium titanate batteries is in line with this challenge. Lithium Titanate Batteries has superior safety over other lithium-ion batteries, providing 10years service life and extending the durability of healthcare products……. Lear more>>>

Lithium Titanate Battery Solutions:

Lithium Titanate Battery For High-tech Consumer Electronics Designs

The invention of hi-tech technology has freed us from tedious task and achieved a more easier life and higher working efficiency. Power supply are essential for high-tech mechanical designs. The Super Lithium Battery – Lithium Titanate Battery provides an excellent balance of application, environment and investment.  Lear more>>>

Lithium Titanate Battery Solutions:

Lithium Titanate Battery For Electric Vehicles Industry

Wireless rechargeable energy technology will enable the development of electric vehicles to re-define the electric vehicle industry. Charging online or charging when running will become a possibility. Energy with high safety, high rate performance and long battery life will be the focus of the electric industry. Lithium titanate Battery, a super lithium battery using lithium titanate as a anode electrode material, will play an unbeatable role in the electric industry. Learn more>>>

Lithium Titanate Battery Solutions:

  • Lithium Titanate Battery LTO40120 10000mAh 2.4V 40A Cell high power discharge Designed For Emergency Start Energy for Electric Vehicles

Lithium Titanate Battery For UPS, Solar System, Residential Energy Storage

We Designed High Energy Battery 3A~65A Lithium Titanate Battery Cells  and 4.8V~60V Lithium Titanate Battery Packs For UPS, Solar System, Residential Energy Storage, Which Marked by Higher Consistency, Strong Density Power and Smart Operation with Advanced BMS, Monitoring Components. Flexible Custom Service & Technical Specifications & Manufacturer’s Quotes Help Our Partner Effectively Evaluate the Potential, Requirements and Payback of LTO Battery >>>> View More Details. 

Lithium Titanate Battery Solutions:

  • Lithium Titanate Battery  Designed For Solar Energy System
  • Lithium Titanate Battery Designed For UPS
  • Lithium Titanate Battery Designed For Residential Energy Storage

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